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Budget Reform Proposals in the President's FY 2011 Budget

Although our initial analysis of the President's Budget focused on his te

President Releases $3.8 Trillion Budget

President Obama released a Fiscal 2011 budget request today that would spend some $3.8

Moving the Tax Expiration Goal Posts

The President may choose to submit a budget in which he extends the Bush tax cuts only temporarily—say for two years, rather than permanently...

And the Winner Is...

Earlier this year the White House created a contest for fe

Orszag Promises Deficit Reduction Next Year

In a speech given today at New York University, OMB Director Peter Orszag said the Administration intends to cut the deficit in half by the end of

A Really Big Deficit

The message from the end of the year deficit number is clear: we must start planning

A Gimmick We Like

We spend a lot of time warning about budget gimmicks.

Another $95 Billion of Budgeting Through Footnotes

Last week, we wrote about $85 billion worth of stimulus tax cuts which the Obama administration assumed as permanant in their baseline so that they...

Budgeting through Footnotes

 This morning, Lori Montgomery of the Washington Post reported on the decision of the Obama administration to