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Understanding the Health Insurance Excise Tax

The health care reform bill recently passed by the Senate Finance Committee relies on a $200 billion health insurance tax to help fund the costs of...

Update on Senate “Doc Fix” Legislation

The Medicare physician payment bill (S 1776) sponsored by Senator Stabenow was

Congress Debates Medicare Payment Patches

Update: Debate on this issue got pushed back until today in the Senate. CRFB recently released this press release on the issue: Don't Let...

What About Cutting Spending?

In their oped in the Washington Post today, Henry Aaron and Isabel Sawhill argue that raising taxes will be necessary to close the fiscal gap and...

Finance Committee to Continue Work on Health Bill Next Week

This has been a big week in the Senate Finance Committee regarding work on the health care reform bill. The Committee endued many all-day sessions...

Chairman's Mark of Finance Committee Bill, and Proposed Amendments

Today, the Senate Finance Committee is continuing to