Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

FY 2014 Budget

Round 2: The Conferees Convene

The second meeting of the budget conference committee will happen today at 10 AM Eastern time.
Nov 8, 2013 | Blog Paper Press Release | Taxes

The Senate Democrats' List of Tax Breaks to Axe

It has been one week since the budget conference committee's first meeti

A Conference Committee Wishlist

With conference committee meetings underway, many are weighi

Taking Another Look at the Fiscal Speed Bumps Ahead

With a deal on the appropriations bill last week, the government has been reopened and a default has been avoided.

Where the Conference is Starting From

The first official meeting of the conference committee is expected to occur

The (Ongoing) Cost of the Government Shutdown

Now that the government shutdown and debt default threat are in the rearview mirror (for now), analysts have been taking time to survey the economi

Every Budget Put the Debt on a Downward Path…and This One Should Too

In additional to reopening the government and suspending the debt ceiling, last night, both

Looks Like We Have a Deal

After a few weeks of government shutdown and a nerve-wracking lead-up to hitting the debt ceiling, the Senate leadership announced today it had com