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FY 2014 Budget

Winners and Losers from the Omnibus Legislation

Last month's Ryan-Murray budget deal set overall spending levels

The Omnibus Bill Has Passed the House

Lawmakers in the House moved quickly

War Spending in the Omnibus Bill

Among the many things we noted yesterday on the blog about the omnibu

Understanding the "Omnibus" Appropriations Bill

Last night, Congressional appropriators unveiled a $

WaPo: A Flawed Deal is Better Than No Deal

So far, reactions to the budget agreement have been mixed.

Congress's Next Play: Don't Punt, Go For It!

We hope all of our readers enjoyed their Thanksgiving holiday.

Understanding the Sequester

“The sequester” is an across-the-board spending cut designed in 2011 to force the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction (&ldquo
Nov 14, 2013 | Blog Paper Press Release | Taxes

The King Plan: A Window Into a "Go Medium" Deal

In addition to CBO director Doug Elmendorf's testimony

Replacing the Sequester With...More Sequester? No Deal

As the budget conference committee works to develop a plan to offset some of the sequester, they may be tempted to use budget gimmicks in place of