Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget

Department of the Treasury

The FY 2010 Deficit

Treasury and OMB released the final deficit number for FY 2010 on Friday: $1.294 trillion.

A Not So Happy Anniversary

Nobody's breaking out the champagne for this anniversary.

Fannie and Freddie and the Budget

The Obama Administration held a conference

CBO Issues Its Monthly Report on the Deficit, Outlays, and Revenues

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) issued its Monthly Review late last week

The Budgetary Impacts of Fed Actions

Yesterday CBO issued a very interesting report on the budgetary im

Where the Treasury Stands with GM, Chrysler, and AIG

GM has been getting some prominent press coverage over the past few days, following their repayment of

Financial Report of U.S. Government

The Treasury Department recently released its annual Financial Report of the U.S.

Fed Earns Money, TARP Loses It

The Federal Reserve announced, this morning, that it will transfer