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Economists in Favor of Smart Deficit Reduction

A recent op-ed from Joe Scarborough in Politico

How Far We Have to Go on Deficit Reduction

In the past few weeks, we have made the case for putting debt on a downward path as

Putting the Debt on a Downward Path

Yesterday, President Obama suggested we need about

Make Your Own Deficit Reduction Plan!

All eyes are on Washington, as we see what the White House and the Congress agree on to avert the fiscal cliff and begin to tackle our d

Myth Buster: Those Who Advocate for Deficit Reduction Should Love the Fiscal Cliff

In the first of our "Myth Buster" series this week, we take on the myth t

What Works and What Doesn't for Deficit Reduction

The IMF's most recent World Economic Outlook has a very helpful chapter lo

Report: CBO’s Long-Term Budget Outlook

 Correction: This paper originally stated that the Social Security trust fund is projected to be exhausted in 2033.